20MM dollar incubation fund: EOS is for real!

From Bitcoin to Ethereum, from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake, each advance in technology brings a new set of opportunities . The EOS team has a deep respect for the value that a thriving ecosystem creates for any blockchain project, and also believes that their high-effiency infrastructure will have a huge impact on the future of the blockchain.

EOS's parent company BlockOne and INBlockchain are excited to announce a joint partnership, with each partner contributing $10 million to create a $20 million fund to incubate teams and developers who are creating new projects on top of EOS. 

This fund will be entirely adminstered by INBlockchain with the goal of incubating the nascent EOS ecosystem. Low-level infrastructure improvements, projects built on EOS, and training and educational projects are all welcome to apply for a portion of the fund. 

INBlockchain has assembled a team of professional project auditors, who will be responsible for evaluating the progress of each team, and providing additional funding from the incubator fund accordingly. Teams making especially impressive progress will be encouraged with additional funding.

Apply to join the EOS project incubator here